" Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2018 for Better Keywords Ranking and Traffic

Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2018

Here are the top SEO ranking factors in 2018. SEO marketers should look into this checklist for better rankings and maximum website traffic. Be ready and prepared to gain benefits from this listed SEO ranking factors before anyone else for upcoming year i.e. 2018.

What are the top SEO ranking factors in 2018?

  • Direct visits to the site
  • Time on website
  • Pages / session
  • Bounce rate
  • Total referring domains to the site
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Number of referring IPs
  • Total follow-backlinks
  • Length of content
  • Website security (HTTPS)
  • Total number of anchors
  • Keyword in anchor text
  • Keywords in body
  • Density of keywords
  • Keywords in title
  • Keyword in meta tags
  • Video on page

Let’s rate these factors from 1 to 10 and their ratings in terms of importance would be like this-

top seo ranking factors in 2018

Below are few more insights that might interest you…

45% is the difference in content length between Top-3 results and 20th position search result in Google


65% of domains ranking for high-volume keywords are with HTTPS


10,000 is the difference in the number of referring domains for the 2nd and number of referring domains for the 10th positions in high-volume segment


49% is the bounce rate for the sites ranking among Top-3 positions


18% of domains ranking for high-volume keywords don’t have the keyword in the body


3-3.5 pages are visited per single session when user lands on the site from search results


2.2 times more backlinks lead to URLs on the first position than to the URLs on the second — for “high-volume spike”


3 of backlinks contain a keyword in the anchor text


Above insights are presented by SEMrush after studying below set of data –


Top 100 positions for 600,000+ keywords gathered


Each website domain and webpage is analysed for 17 factors including on-page optimisation factors, number of quality backlinks, traffic data on website domain and page URL level


Keywords grouped by search volume low (i.e. searches between 1-100); medium (i.e. 101-1,000); high (i.e. 1,001-10,000); highest (i.e. 10,001 and up)


Search volume groups segmented as long-tail & short-head


Machine learning algorithm applied to determine the importance of ranking factors

Let me know in comments, if you feel there is still something missing which can be very crucial in 2018 for better SEO ranking.

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